Do your visitors really understand your website?

Need a website that not only LOOKS THE PART and brings EXPOSURE, but also lets you reach more CLIENTS to get more SALES in your business?

If your website design and content sucks,
why would they buy from you?

As much as people hate sales...your website is your BEST SALES PERSON!

Yet the content is bland, boring and sounds the same as your competitors!

As soon as people hit your website, they are only interested in what VALUE your service or product can bring THEM! If your website does not convey this they will LEAVE!

Why you need a strategy

The Problem...

Most websites that are built, are BADLY put together and BADLY thought out.

You're told you'll get a website that will come with every feature available, but NO-ONE seems to ever build a website that looks great and also explains the BENEFITS of why the customer should choose YOU over your COMPETITION!

Potential customers will come to your site and will have a ton of questions and objections. If you don't answer those...

It's simple; they move on! and you lose out on ££££!


What if you could answer those questions and objections?

We prefer to stay away from typical "corporate jargon" that most companies speak about.

Let's keep it simple...YES We Build WordPress Websites!

BUT let's be honest anyone can do that, we instead help build a website for the LONG TERM and more importantly a website that can help you to GROW your business.

What is most IMPORTANT to YOU?
More free time? Better clients? More sales?

How we can help you!

The Benefits

Step 1 - Analysis

We have been doing this for a long time and we know exactly what works. We'll help deliver a SIMPLE plan of action that delivers the best outcome for your website and business.

Step 2 - Design

No cheap designs! We bring your website to life with the best care and attention to detail PLUS with the best written content that explains how your business can BENEFIT a customer and solve their PROBLEMS.

Best WordPress plugins to install for your website

Step 3 - Maintenance

Once you have launched, we won't just leave you on your own. Support is available to help your website grow and reach its full potential and more importantly save YOU TIME!

We know what your thinking. "Yeah...but WHO CARES?"
"I do not understand these features, how does this actually HELP ME?"

Ok.....well here are a bunch of COOL BENEFITS.

Custom WordPress Theme

Why would you want to copy what everyone else is doing? especially your competition! Stand apart from the rest and be the best in your niche.

Thats exactly why you will have a unique custom design that has people talking about your website in a positive way.

Fast Page Speeds

Studies have shown that from 2000 to 2016, the average human attention span has actually reduced from a massive 12 seconds to just 7 seconds! and it's getting shorter!

What does this mean for your website?

Simple...a slow site will have users leaving. Imagine you have your ideal perfect client land on your page but then becomes frustrated of your website's loading time then LEAVES! Would you not prefer to have a website that keeps users GLUED to the screen?

Custom Content

With the design built, we will move into the content phase where we will add in all of the menus and pages. If you choose to let us write the content for you, we will write content that is focused on the benefits and not features.

Remember "It's about selling a good night's sleep and not the mattress"


Having a blog may seem scary or you may think that its a waste of time.

BUT having a blog really does add value to your customers and adds credibility to you also. Its another great way to build interest for your products and services or it can be the main feature of your website.


Your new site is up, traffic is coming to your site but how do you know exactly how your potential customers are behaving? Are they not clicking on a certain button? perhaps a particular page is not being viewed at all?

We'll install analytics so you can see exactly what is going on to save you any confusion and you can tweak the site to make on-going improvements.

Opt-In Forms

What is the point of a great looking site and content if you have nowhere to send interested users?

We'll help build opt-in forms so leads are sent directly to you without the worry of losing potential leads resulting in a loss of £££

Support and Maintenance

With every website build you will have the opportunity to keep us on your team with on-going mainteance and support packages to help make the most of your website with on-going tweaks and improvements.

The worst scenario is having a website that rarely gets updated and slowly but surely begins to breakdown.

IMAGINE the possibilities of what all of this could do for your business!



Basic Package

1-5 page custom website
Custom Logo
Social Media Integration
Google Maps
Mailing List Plugin
Contact Form
Responsive (Mobiles & Tablets)
Photo Sourcing
2 Rounds of Revisions
SEO Friendly
SSL Certificate



Advanced Package

10 page custom website
Custom Logo
30 Min Phone Brainstorm
Social Media Integration
Google Maps
Mailing List Plugin
Contact Form
Responsive (Mobiles & Tablets)
Photo Sourcing
Google Analytics
3 Rounds of Revisions
SEO Friendly
SSL Certificate
+ £50/hour for extra development



Elite Package

20 page custom website
Custom Logo
30 Min Phone Brainstorm
Social Media Integration
Google Maps
Mailing List Plugin
Contact Form
Responsive (Mobiles & Tablets)
Photo Sourcing
Google Analytics
3 Rounds of Revisions
SEO Friendly
SSL Certificate
1 Hour How To Tutorial
Full Content Creation
+ £50/hour for extra development



All packages come with an optional £200/month maintenance package


Ready to make your website work harder for you?....
Here is what you need to do next.

1. Sign up

Sign up to a package that fits your requirements. You will be asked to setup a direct debit via GOCARDLESS. Once the first payment has cleared, we get to work!

2. Questionnaire

After confirmation, you will receive an email to help complete your questionnaire. This gives us everything we need to get started on a design concept.

3. Design concept

Once we have a completed questionnaire, we then begin the design concept for your website.

4. Website build

Once you've signed off your design we start to build the designs into quality custom ready pages so we can add in your content.

5. Content

Once we have the main structure of the website ready we will ask you to provide content for each page. We can source any stock images for you.if you need help, we can write the content for you.

6. Review & launch

Once we complete the website build we will then ask you to review the finished website. We will also run all of our quality checks and submit your website to search engines and make your website live.

Lets answer some questions we usually get from clients.

First of all you have made a great decision! Now to get started you simply click on the “GET STARTED” button on any of the 3 packages. A member of the team will then get in touch and guide you through the next steps.

Remember if the price seems to high we do offer monthly affordable plans to best suit your budget.

YES! we offer afforable monthly payment plans to help spread the cost of the project. A plan is available for each package that suits you best.

This is all taken care of. During our brainstorm session we will need to first understand the following.

  • What your business does
  • Who your target market is
  • Any existing content
  • What you want to achieve from the project

That’s great news! BUT is it really working for you? Is it achieving the best results for your business?

If it’s not working then your not really losing much. By getting work done on your website your actually gaining something in the long run instead. And who wouldn’t want that?

Examples of the ideal type of business this could work for:

  • Coaching Business – Personal Trainer
  • Local Business – Accountants, dentists, law firms, contractors
  • Product Business – Selling a product or a ebook
  • Landing Pages 
  • Personal – Blogging websites, wedding photographers
  • Corporate Based Business

Yes the fees seem high but what if we told you that those high fees can be broken down into affordable payments that not only help your cash flow but at the same you get a GREAT looking website? Isn’t that a great invesment for you and your business? 

NO! if you hate being pushy its simple, DON’T DO IT! 🙂 

We help plan the best strategy for your business so your website is shown in its best light. Customers need the easiest process possible when trying to find information about you and what is on offer.

Still not sure?....
Here are some of the kind messages we get from customers.


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After all that, your still not sure?

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