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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a transcription service?

No we are not a transcription service, we do things differently.

A member of our team sits down and takes the time to carefully dissect and listen to your content which is then turned into a blog post format relevant to a particular set of keyword searches that is easy to read and captures your readers attention and leaves them coming back for more!

Who is this service for and will it work for me?

Anyone that is marketing their business looking to spread their message/service by using audio or video content can benefit by working with us and our repurposing service.

*You need to already have at least 10 published podcasts/videos ready to use

How long does it take to repurpose my content?

Once you sign up to our package, you will need to submit at least 4 podcasts or videos on the 1st of each month and in return you will receive 4 long form SEO optimised blog posts on the last Monday of the month, that have been keyword researched and will range from 1000-1,500 words in length.

For a additional cost we can also take each blog post and repurpose that into 12 further small pieces of content that will consist of images and captions which you can then use on your social media channels.

Can my blog be optimized for a certain keyword?

Yes, when you send your content over to us you can include the keyword you would like for us to target within your blog posts. If we feel better keywords are available and easier to rank then we will recommend those keywords also.

I have no podcast yet, can I still work with you?

Yes you can! if you are still in the process of setting up a podcast then you can send us audio files such as voice notes or even recorded loom videos. But we will need at least 10 pieces of audio or video content to start working with you.

To help get you started for a additional fee, we can even help to get your podcast launched and setup on the various platforms

Can you publish the repurposed content for me?

Yes we will publish the content for you. We also supply our clients with a dashboard area where we can upload the content within that client area if the client decides to publish the content themselves

How much does it cost? And will this take up much of my time?

Prices can vary depending on how long the podcast content is but our repurposing service starts from $2000 per month.

We always work in a seamless and simple way. Once you have gone through our on-boarding system, we'll do the rest and will let you know once your new content is ready and published on to your website.

Do I have to sign up to a long term contract?

We require that you sign up for a minimum term of at least 3 months.

If you wish to stop working with us or pause your contract we will require a 30 day notice period. Content repurposing especially when it comes to your website's blog does take time and this is not something that can be done over a short amount of time.

Is this right for my podcast?

Yes of course! Every podcast is unique in its own way and repurposing that same podcast can go a long way in not only helping further grow your podcast but it can also put you in front of an audience that is yet to hear your content via your blog content.

Can my episodes be turned into a e-book?

Yes! once we have worked with you for a long period of time and fully understand your content we will work with you to see in what ways we can take that same content and transform it either in a free downloadable ebook or a ebook that you can sell on your website or via platforms such as the Amazon Kindle store as we have experience working on that platform.


See why our clients work with us, and why you should too.

I couldn’t be happier with the service and Jag has regularly helped us with on our blog, marketing and so much more!

Stephen Robinson

SMR Social
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