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4 easy ways on how to speed up a wordpress site

Jag Chohan
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Why a slow wordpress website is affecting your traffic

Did you know that 40% of consumers abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load?

It's even worse for those e-commerce website owners, with over 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from that website again.

Did you also know that the page load time of a website can badly affect its ranking within search results?

Within this article, we will go over some simple easy steps that you can implement today on your website for FREE to help improve page load .

  • Remove Unnecessary Plugins and Add-Ons
  • Enable Caching and Why It is important
  • Optimize and Reduce Image Size
  • Using The Correct Theme For Your Website

Ok, so how do we fix our website speed?

First, head over to GTmetrix and see how your website is currently performing by entering in your websites URL.

Remember to take note of your websites current performance before you go ahead and make the changes below!

Remove Unnecessary Plugins and Add-Ons

Being able to access an abundance of WordPress plugins is great and you can almost get carried away by thinking you need every plugin out there but it can do more harm than good.

Remember less is more...the more plugins you have increases both HTTP requests and database queries which is why the rendering of pages takes more time to load.

So next time you install a plugin be really sure that it is something which is needed and is being used all of the time.

Not sure which plugins to install? Read this post on the best WordPress plugins to install

Enable Caching and Why It is important

Caching is a great way to speed up a WordPress site. You can easily enable caching on your website with the help of a plugin.

By using cache plugins on your website, these plugins make your files smaller and easier for visitors to download. The end result of caching is a faster-loading website that is more stable and performs better when there is a burst of traffic

We recommend using Autoptimize which is a FREE plugin you can download here

Want a tutorial on how to install and configure Autooptimize? Check out this video tutorial skip to 7 mins and 29 secs to see the configuration settings page!

Optimize and Reduce Image Size

We all know how great images are and how they add so much more especially to a website page.

But the problem with images, is it always adds size to the page a user is trying to access which impacts your loading time. So how do you fix this? It's simple!

The correct format: PNG files work best for logo's but with any other images, simply use JPEG file images

File size: This one is easy, the smaller the better.

We often recommend using this website TINYPNG a very easy to use website where you simply upload your images and let the website do the hard work by compressing and making the file smaller.

After its compressed, you simply click DOWNLOAD!

Optimize and Reduce Image Size

They also have a FREE plugin Compress JPEG & PNG Images that you can download and install on to your WordPress website.

Using The Correct Theme For Your Website

A simple theme change can actually have an impact on your page speed!  It's important not to use a theme that has far and few updates and is full with bloaty code.

Sometimes a theme with fewer features is actually a good thing as you should always consider performance when looking for a theme rather than aesthetics first!

Here is a great video explaining some of the fastest themes to choose from!

Want to learn more about increasing your website page speed? Check out this handy tutorial video "Site Performance For Webmasters" from Google Webmasters.

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