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8 Blog Post Ideas That You Can Write in 30 Minutes or Less

Jag Chohan
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You probably heard from other writers or maybe even read somewhere that one of the most important quality of a professional blog post is its "depth."

Many people believe this is true. In fact, many experienced entrepreneurs and marketing specialists base their decisions on this concept.

There is some truth in it and I will explain it to you further on in my article below.

Here's how:

  • Think of 3 topics that you can write about in 30 minutes or less for each topic.
  • Write the article.
  • Publish it on your blog or share it on any of the social media accounts.

I am sure you are thinking, "3 good articles?" Are they good?

For a beginning blogger who wants to become successful as quickly as possible and make money blogging , it is much better to publish short but very high quality content than to wait for ever for one fantastic article to be written! And this is exactly what I do at my blog. Recently I have started to publish 1-3 posts per week and some of them are only 500 words long!

Unfortunately, many bloggers suffer from writer's block when it comes time to publish new content. What do they end up doing? Nothing, because they have no post ideas and it takes them forever to get new inspiration and finally write a blog post. If you are one of those bloggers who suffers from writer's block, I hope this article will help you overcome it!

I am going to show you how I can come up with 3 good topics for an article in 30 minutes or less:

1. Take advantage of the fact that people already discuss similar subjects on social media

Take part in these discussions! Comment, add your point of view, try to clarify things if necessary but don't forget to mention some key points that you could elaborate further upon later on in your own blog posts. It is also a good idea to include a link to your blog in every comment. This way you will be able to make yourself or your blog popular with other bloggers and their readers!

You can easily do this on Facebook, Twitter (and many other platforms). Use the comment function as wisely as possible because it is not always easy to find comments that are worth sharing.

Don't waste time commenting only on useless posts if you don't want people to think you're doing so just for self-promotion. Be selective and share only those comments that prove useful and give new information!

2. If you already have a couple of good articles published on your site, take one from each category (personal experience, advice/tips, interesting facts) but include some new information in each of them!

Even if you write about the same topic that is already covered on your blog, people will still be interested to read it because you have a point of view on it and they might agree with your opinions.

You can also take advantage of certain holidays by writing articles based on popular events happening during that time. Take for instance Valentines day, Christmas or even Halloween! Once again you need to add something new to make this post more interesting and unique. However, don't forget about "depth" I keep mentioning here over and over so far! :)

Readers want quality first above all else; They will appreciate the fact that you are bringing something new into their lives by telling them things they don't know. People like when you give them something new!

Moreover, always try to create a connection between your article and the title of it! For instance if I want to write an article about "SEO tips for beginners", then my title should make sense with that topic in order to attract more people. Those are just some examples, you can come up with other good ones on your own but remember, be careful when choosing titles because they will be published along with your articles and they will become search engine friendly keywords . Choose wisely!

3. Write posts that will help readers solve certain problems or satisfy their needs

If you have experience in writing (you must have this kind of experience by now if you've been blogging for a while) you should write about your skills and knowledge!

If you are a good writer, try writing about advanced topics that include some solid information. This way you will show the world that you are knowledgeable on certain subjects and people might even visit your site just to read what you have written!

Posts in which you talk about problems experienced by writers (and readers as well) but also provide those people with solutions for their problems. You could also create post lists where you offer several solutions or ideas for reaching certain goals such as achieving more followers on Twitter, creating better content or improving SEO.

The types of blog posts I mentioned above will inspire thoughts in your own mind and this is when it becomes easier to come up with your own original content.

4. Create a Contest or Giveaway for your readers!

If you want to attract more people to your blog, why not offer them something in exchange? Remember, the Internet is a medium where people like being rewarded for their actions and engagement .

This is why so many people love contests and giveaways! You might have already held this type of contest but more than likely it doesn't work out the way you would like since most opportunities fall short on attracting the right audience for your website.

The only thing that attracts visitors to blogs are content with certain benefits such as free ebooks, articles, reports etc.. The problem is that we can't just give away our own products (although some blog owners do this) because it might not be a good strategy for some people. However, there are many ways to give away something (in exchange) and create an amazing contest that will attract the right visitors to your website.

5. Interview other bloggers as guest writers or post interviews with your readers!

Ok, so this isn't a tip you can apply instantly and I just want to share it with you since it might be helpful even though we don't have time to write blog posts regularly .

If you've been following my suggestions then you should already have followers on twitter or at least some friends who do. Some of those people might be interested in writing articles for your site if they know they will benefit from it in one way or another. Maybe they get credit for it (if you ask them to sign a guest writing contract) or some exposure from your site.  

In order to tell people about this opportunity, invite them through email, social media or even a phone call and let them know that you need help in creating new posts for the next two weeks!

You can interview those people and post their replies in an article about "interviews with bloggers" . You might also consider posting interviews with just some of your readers by giving credit either to their name or website/blog. I'm sure they will love to contribute something valuable for your blog as well since they like contributing content on the web.

Just remember, if you do this then make sure that the quality of their work is not inferior to your normal posts.

6. Add more videos or podcasts to your blog!

This is something that can fit into almost any of the tips I've mentioned if you have time to do it every now and then. If you have the right software, some recording gear and a decent microphone you shouldn't have too much trouble with creating voice or video content for your audience . The thing is, people really like video tutorials , interviews, audio guides etc..

Podcasts are just another way of recording material and delivering it in an audio format while lectures are designed for those who prefer listening rather than watching .. simply put these two work better for some people because they don't like reading.

Another great benefit of adding videos and podcasts to your blog is that you can create a full-blown video library for your website!

7. Write a list of 4 to 10 ways your readers can learn from your blog/website.

If you want to become more popular you need to show people what they will benefit from if they choose to follow or visit your site on a daily basis. You should also let them know in advance whether your advice and recommendations are simple, easy to follow etc.. This way when they read the post, they don't get frustrated or bored because it presents too many complicated ideas.

Try mentioning some other benefits rather than just focusing on what the reader gets (e.g "10 Ways I Will Help You Make Money Online") . People love multiple benefits such as "Instant Money Making Guide" (benefit + benefit) or "The Beginner's Guide to Blogging" .

8. Publish a post about what you learned today and why it might interest your readers.

This last tip is not exactly one of the quick ways for busy bloggers but I can say that it does take my blog longer than usual. The thing is, I usually spend 5-10 minutes every morning jotting down something that made me happy/excited/interested in some way and then write a short article which I share on social media etc..

This doesn't sound like much but those small things have helped me connect with other people online such as Twitter friends, blog followers and even Facebook contacts!

Showing your audience that you are interested in their work and lives will make them feel more appreciated than if they were just one of your many readers.


I hope these quick ways for busy bloggers will help you improve your blog . If you have any other suggestions that might share with our readers please feel free to comment below

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