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How to create a customer avatar for your business

Jag Chohan
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Do you want to create a picture of your ideal customer in your mind?

Don't be surprised if you have never even heard this term before. We are talking about an Avatar.

It is the exact copy of your perfect client that exists only in your imagination, but it can help you achieve goals and generate good results with less work for you!

What Is A Customer Avatar?

"Avatar is defined as an incarnation or earthly manifestation of a divine being, especially a deity." (Wikipedia)

The purpose of creating avatar is to imagine how certain type of people think, act and feel so much from real life that they seem like "divine beings", when we deal with them - they seem like gods to us.

Imagine you are dealing with a "god" and it makes your life easy, fun and productive! Isn't that why we all are in business - to make our sales easier, generate more positive emotions and results from the work we do?

Now let's take this idea to business world...

When you imagine your client avatar as a real person, who is able to support your goals of attracting clients or customers, then his presence in your mind will insure success for you. You will visualise his/her needs, challenges and how he/she feels when he/she has just bought something from you or speaks only about his/her experience with your product or service.

You can feel his/her passion about what he/she does even if he/she works at some other company which offers similar product or service.

And these feelings will be so powerful that you will be naturally influenced to do what you can to help him/her and work together with him/her in the future.

How Do I Create A Customer Avatar?

First, you need to decide who is your target audience. What age group they belong to, where they live etc.?

Then start looking around on the web or in magazines for people which look like your avatar. Print his photos out and put it somewhere close by so that you can always visualise them when dealing with real clients.

Remember - it's not about how this person looks, but much more importantly about HOW HE/SHE FEELS THAT YOU CAN FEEL FROM THE PICTURE as well.

As a starting point, try to imagine your perfect customer in his daily life and work environment - where he spends most of his time, who are the people around him that he talks to etc.?  

If you see a woman in a restaurant or coffee shop every morning with her laptop, then she is probably writing an article for some magazine.

She also may be making notes about what she will write later on that day or just browsing through some cool websites and get inspired by something new (or read news headlines). Maybe she feels even lonely because nobody talks to her there besides other cafe customers sitting near her? That's how you should imagine your target client.

How does he feel when he is doing something? Remember it is not about what he looks like, but how you can feel when you imagine him.

You will get your answers by observing people around you in real life or on TV. You may find plenty of examples to help you on the net also - search for them and learn from others! What is important is that as soon as you create a customer avatar, start using it all the time whenever you think about your clients.

Also, try to include his picture with details about his background into your presentation templates (if possible). After some time this exercise will become second nature to you and do not be surprised if new clients ask what makes your business so unique or special!

The Power Of Creating A Customer Avatar

When I started my internet marketing career some four years ago, I did not know a lot about networking or creating relationships with clients. But understanding the value of customer avatar and "feeling" his energy pushed me into this direction. Not because of a conscious decision, but my subconscious mind gave me a push in the right direction without any effort from my side... What was my first step? I bought some books about sales skills and how to get along better with people! You can say that it is coincidence - but was it really?

I think there are two main reasons why you should create your customer avatar:  

1) You will make all your efforts to keep in touch with him like he wishes or needs it.  

2) You will have much more passion for your business .  

Why? Because when you start to think about your customer avatar - you become so much closer to people that are not just statistics on the web, but real human beings who feel and live like you do.

You share their passions, fears, worries and dreams... Maybe they have problems or maybe they want a certain thing at this moment which is not available to them. They may be struggling with something or even achieve something great in life! And all these feelings try to influence you as well and put some kind of energy inside of you. I am sure that it will make a positive difference in how YOU THINK AND ACT IN YOUR BUSINESS .  

The good news (it depends on what type of business you do) is that you can probably use some of these cases and situations in your sales emails when writing to potential customers. For example, some guy may need a product which helps him cut the time taken to do his work - or he may wish that someone would help him with something... Let your imagination go wild and you will see how simple it is :)  

Remember: there are no "good" or "bad" people on this Earth. No matter what they did before or how many mistakes they made compared to you in life - they were created by our Universe for some reasons. Maybe that reason is YOU ?! Try to understand them better, care about their feelings and try to show them that you ARE THE PERSON WHO CAN HELP THEM TO FULFILL THEIR GOALS!  

Create your customer avatar now

it is a simple exercise that will change your business for the better... Once you do this, start using his information in your sales emails and watch the magic happening before your eyes.

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