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How to write a blog post using the AIDA formula

Jag Chohan
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Writing blog posts and articles is one of the most popular ways for internet marketers to share their ideas and grow their audience.

It's also a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field, because people will flock to your posts when they are attracted to what you can share with them.

However, writing a blog post is more than just sharing common knowledge and providing good information; it's about engaging the reader and keeping them wanting more by giving them something new. With so much competition out there, it's best to re-invent the wheel in your niche as much as possible. To do this, you need to use the AIDA formula when writing your posts or articles: this will help ensure that they will be remembered and shared around on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The AIDA formula is as follows:

  • A - Attention (grab the reader's attention)
  • I - Interest (engage and interest them in what you're about to share with them)
  • D - Desire (bring up any questions or concerns that they have, and then engender a desire for your solution)
  • A - Action (the call to action should be obvious after all of this is said) This is where you invite the reader to do something. This could be a question you ask them, or an offer to buy your product.

Having your blog post structured using this AIDA formula will make it much easier for people to read and understand what you're trying to say, while also helping them see how they can benefit from it. The better you structure your blog posts, the more people will share them around on social media, which means that their message gets seen by even more people!

When writing blogs posts using this formula, it's important to keep them short and sweet. This will ensure that your points are clear and enjoyable to read; nobody wants to have a wall of text opened up before their eyes when they're reading something online.

Also make sure that you use short sentences as well - this will help the reader stay focused on what you're saying.

AIDA is an easy way for you to keep track of what parts of your blog post people are engaged with, and where they lose interest in your article or post. You should also apply AIDA analysis when revisiting old blog posts - you may want to add a call to action that wasn't there before, or update the information in your post.

When it comes to social media marketing, AIDA can help improve your effectiveness at sharing your message with people. Right now, most of the people who follow you on Twitter and Facebook are just saying hello and liking you because they feel like they have to; but if you use elements that will spark their emotions when it comes to content (whether it be humor, sadness, greed, or anything else), then they'll remember those feelings as well as the content itself! Then after a few positive experiences with your brand or product, they will start actively engaging with what you're putting out there online by sharing links on their own social media accounts, etc.

As you can see, if you use AIDA in your links constantly and across many different sources of communication (including blog posts, articles shared on other sites like LinkedIn or Tumblr, email broadcasts, etc.), then people will become more aware of what you're doing online and how it can benefit them. This should help bring new live leads into your sales funnel for every single one of the campaigns that they learn about at any given time!

By putting this information to use, not only will you be able to see how AIDA can help advance your online marketing efforts, but you'll also be able to write much more easily than before.

So put this formula into action, and watch as the leads start rolling in!

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