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Niche Marketing For Beginners

Jag Chohan
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What is Niche Marketing?

The definition of niche marketing can essentially be described as targeting a limited number of very specific customers with your business, product or service in the hope that you are able to reach these audiences effectively and sell them on your products and services.

This may be for a range of reasons such as being able to offer something they cannot find anywhere else, or provide something that solves an immediate problem or fills a gap in their daily lives.

When it comes down to it though, there are three types of niche marketing that can be adopted at any given point. These include:

1. Mass Niche Marketing

The traditional method or approach taken by larger businesses, this entails massive advertising campaigns which aim to get their product in front of as many eyes as possible. This is because the larger a mass audience, the higher chance you have of making a sale. However, there are downsides to this approach such as spending lots without actually knowing if it will be successful or not.

2. Niche Marketing

This is where niche marketing comes into play. Rather than trying to appeal to everyone and anyone, this method aims to target only those who are most likely to buy your products or services based on demographics, location and similar factors which play a role in your customers' lives. These can include interests such as hobbies and sports for instance.

3) Micro Niche Marketing

Unlike other forms of niche marketing , micro niche focuses exclusively on a very small segment of customers. This is typically based on a very specific set of characteristics that your product or service can appeal to. The micro niche example may be using language and terminology that appeals solely to those in science related professions, for instance.

While the popularity of niche marketing has been growing steadily over recent years, it's not something which is easy to just jump into without doing some research first. It's important when setting up any form of business venture or social media campaign that you take plenty of time planning out exactly what you are going to do and how you are going to achieve this so you know it will be successful beforehand.

As with any other method used in online business, the more time and effort spent on planning before hand , the more there is to gain from the finished product.

You may wonder exactly how niche marketing differs to other forms of advertising that are in use today, such as paid advertising on Facebook or Google Ads for instance.

The main difference is that this method can be a lot more targeted and tailored to suit individual needs without putting you out too much financially. This can make it an extremely affordable option when compared with alternatives, especially if you already have some sort of website set up which you can utilise.

It's clear to see from all of this then, why niche marketing should be given careful consideration if this is something you have never tried before.

It has been proven time and again throughout the years that sticking to a specific approach rather than just throwing everything at the wall and hoping for the best can be a wonderful way to reach out to customers. Furthermore, this works not just with online business but offline too.

However, niche marketing is certainly not something that should be undertaken without doing some research first and knowing exactly what you are getting into.

Finding the right type of niche, then understanding your target audience as well as how they think and behave in relation to your product or service are all key aspects of making sure it's going to work before spending any money on it.

There's no point creating an effective campaign which targets a specific group of people if there is no demand for what you have . That said however, once you know for certain that there is , niche marketing could give you everything you need from an advertising or marketing standpoint.

What are your thoughts on niche marketing? Have you ever tried using this method to promote a business, craft or skill before?

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