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The top 10 checklist we use when launching a new website

Jag Chohan
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Whether you're a marketing agency, start-up company, or an established business looking for an upgrade, launching a new website can be daunting.

Creating content and providing the right information to your visitors is important for success. 

The following checklist will help in preparing for that all-important launch date: 

  1. Include a blog with fresh content on your site.
  2. Create a social media plan with relevant posts to support the launch of your new website.
  3. Update any email templates with up to date contact information including links to your newly launched site.
  4. Schedule social media posts around the release date.
  5. Prepare graphics including videos, images, infographics – anything visual that captures attention. 
  6. Link social media profiles/pages to the homepage. 
  7. Add links from other websites and blogs that are relevant to your business 
  8. Include a call to action for prospects to download content or sign up for something , anything to encourage them to take the next step 
  9. Include contact info and location (if applicable) on the homepage or footer
  10. Add contact info to all pages and if possible, a map to your location

You're probably reading this and thinking, "What an obvious list!" You'd be right; these are all important things to consider before launching a new website . 

The goal of your site is to generate more business or get a visitor on the path to purchase. Creating unique, relevant content that aligns with SEO strategies helps. You will also want to promote the new site in other places, like your email signature.

What are some of the things you do when launching the new website?

Are there any other important tasks you can suggest?

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