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Why you need a lead magnet to generate leads for your website

Jag Chohan
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"Attract quality business clients by using lead magnets to boost your visibility and sales"

Are you struggling to find consistent business in your marketing? Do you wish there was something easier, more effective that worked within the system that is already online?

If you are an internet marketer looking for ways to distinguish yourself from the competition or a small local business owner who struggles with getting customers through their doors, then this article will help you.

Enter: The Lead Magnet!

The most effective way to get people's attention is with content they like... and we all know how much people love free stuff! These bite-size pieces of valuable information are very easy for both businesses (that are trying to sell) and potential customers to consume and by doing so they are generating interest in what the Lead Magnet is offering.

What exactly is a lead magnet?

It's simply content that has been created to attract 'free' clients or customers! The key word here being FREE, you are giving away valuable information for free with something you want in return, their contact details. Although it does require a bit of effort on your behalf to create an effective lead magnet there is nothing more rewarding than achieving your goals without spending money. Not only that but when you use them correctly, they work hand-in-hand with other online marketing tactics such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM).

So now we have established the concept of a lead magnet, let's take a look at creating one of our own.

Following the below 7 steps you will have your very own lead magnet for your business available to share on any social network site or through email marketing campaigns that converts leads into paying customers. Let's get started!

Step 1. Defining Your Target Audience

Whether it is a method book, checklist or cheat sheet you need to understand who it is created for and gain an understanding of what they want out of what you are offering them. This should be based on research, if possible from your point-of-view as the creator.

However, don't be afraid to ask others in similar positions questions about how they would like this information delivered to them. In order for a lead magnet to be successful, it needs to serve the purpose of your potential customer.

Step 2. Determining Your Offer

You need to determine what about this information will appeal most to the participants on your list. Make sure that you have an offer ready that is enticing enough for people to give you their contact details in return for it. Put yourself in their shoes and ask, " Would I want this? "  The answer should be YES if it is valuable enough!  

In some cases you may not need the actual contact details but there are other ways that you can get creative as well with these lead magnets such as contests or giveaways where entering requires a name and email address for example.

This can be a great alternative if you are not sure about your idea and need something that is quick and easy to set up.

Step 3. Creating an Opt-In Page

You will need a website in order to have somewhere for people to go once they have filled out the form or downloaded the lead magnet from their email. You don't need much, perhaps a sign-up page with short description of what you are offering them, maybe some social icons along with your logo but whatever you choose make it memorable as many people skim read these quickly before deciding whether to give up or move on so keep it simple!  (Remember this is FREE information after all)

Step 4. Building Trust and Reassurance

This step is vital to converting your leads into paying customers. We need to build trust and reassurance in them that they are making the right decision by downloading what you have created. Ask for permission by asking questions such as " By giving me your email address will allow you to stay updated on future offers, promotions & events etc... Is this ok? " It's important that they are given a choice here if it isn't acceptable then they will not remain on your list so make sure it is an option that you would be happy with before moving forward.

Step 5. Giving Something Away!

A great way to get people interested in something from the very start is by providing more information about yourself or your business. This can be a great way to start building rapport with your leads as well. As they feel more comfortable and familiar with you, they are placed in a position where they want to help you out first before you have helped them which is very clever marketing strategy.

Step 6. Making It Personal

The next step towards having a high conversion rate on your lead magnets is making it personal by reading each individual inquiry form/lead magnet download request carefully. To do this follow the instructions provided through their opt-in process or directly after filling out any information fields within it for downloading purposes such as name, email address etc...

You need to make sure that all of the information is correct for example if their name isn't correct then this reflects badly on both parties and your business. Included in the information requested may be their email address, date of birth, style of writing or any other personal preferences that you can use to engage with them which will vary depending on what type of business you have.

Step 7. Start Creating Great Content!

Life is too short to write boring content for a Lead Magnet so make sure it has personality behind it because although this is about promoting yourself and getting people interested in what you are giving away, they need to get something out of it as well or else there is no point in continuing with this process.

If your product/service isn't valuable enough then they won't be signing up as customers later down the line either so choose wisely here when creating your lead magnet.

Step 8. Adding a Call-to-Action to Your Page

The call-to-action is what you want them to do once they have finished reading your content, whether that's downloading another lead magnet or clicking on an affiliate link where you will be making money if they do it. To implement this into the page just place a sentence or two at the end of your main content and make sure it stands out so they don't miss it.

With these tips in mind you should start seeing some results with your lead magnets!

You need to stick with it as well so don't place all your bets on one type of free information because any successful strategy takes time but eventually if executed correctly then there will be a turn-around and you will start seeing results.

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