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We follow safe processes when moving your website over to Webflow while still preserving your current SEO efforts
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As a business/website owner, you may find yourself struggling to maintain your current website with regular theme and plugin updates or even having to hire additional help at a cost to fix bugs and security issues on your website.

But you may find it beneficial to migrate your website to Webflow from WordPress instead as it is known for being the fastest and most efficient content management system on the market. Migration can lead to an improved user experience and with the potential upsides of improving your website's SEO and no maintenance is required.

Increase in website page Speeds

As Webflow requires less plugins and add-ons, the web speeds when compared to Wordpress are drastically different. Page speeds are a key metric when it comes to SEO and can be harmful if you run a website that has slow page speeds.

On Page SEO improvements

Webflow's native features allows you to quickly take advantage for when editing your page titles and descriptions again without any 3rd party plugins like Wordpress which is super convenient and easy to use.

Low Maintenance and No bugs to fix

With Wordpress if you fail to keep your theme and plugin files updated, you may run the risk of a security hack or other vulnerabilities on your website. With Webflow you never need to worry about bugs or security issues!

No Plugins or Theme Updates

As no plugins or theme updates are required with Webflow, this can help greatly with page speeds, unlike WordPress which tends to slow a website down the more plugins you add. You can still enhance your Webflow website with new features instead of plugins by easily adding code snippets from those very same external services you are using when installing a plugin.

Customer Support

Once you move over to Webflow, within your monthly paid plan you will have access to webflow's very own customer support staff to help and assist with any issues especially if you decide not to use us as your in-house development team.

Secure Hosting

With Webflow, all of their websites are hosted through Amazon Web Services, which is known for its high speed and security. Compare that to WordPress which does not provide integrated hosting services and actually requires users to find their own hosting solutions which may not be as fast or secure.

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Your Top Website Migration Questions, Answered

Is Webflow more secure than WordPress?

While no website platform is bulletproof in terms of security and attacks, as Webflow does not use plugins this can often be a common source of security vulnerabilities with WordPress. Additionally, all Webflow sites are hosted on Amazon's AWS platform which is known for its high-security systems. We at Socially Inspire still give our clients advice in keeping with best practices for website security such as making sure all passwords are created with a strong password strength.

Do you need coding experience for Webflow?

No, you do not need to know how to code a website in order to use Webflow. As Webflow is a visual website builder it allows you to build web pages by using a drag-and-drop interface. You can use Webflow to design and build your website without writing a single line of code. If you wish to use code within your website then Webflow does allow you to add custom code but for a beginner, the webflow designer and editor are easy to use

Is Webflow better than WordPress for SEO?

One advantage of Webflow over WordPress is that it has native features for SEO, so you don't need to use third-party plugins to make essential on-page SEO adjustments. However, WordPress can be more powerful for SEO when combined with one or more plugins but depending on the type of plugins you use it can become costly and has the potential to slow your website down where as Webflow requires no SEO plugins.

Is Webflow hosting expensive?

Webflow offers a number of pricing plans with each depending on the type of website you have and  what you are trying to achieve with your website. View Webflow's Pricing here

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