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Over 70% of internet users have a social media account. If your business is not in the right places at the right time then all these potential new customers are going to find the competition.

Social management doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to work for your business, and that’s where Socially Inspire comes in.

The service continues to grow and adapt to the changes in marketing a business on the web, focusing on connecting small businesses with their target audience and have that all important conversation.

Are you a perfect match?

Not all businesses suit social media and so if you’re unsure about whether you’ll see the benefits, drop us a line and arrange to have a chat. We’re not in the business of signing clients up for services that won’t deliver results so there’ll be no pressure, just a friendly conversation.

Not just personal

Social media is no longer just a medium for people to talk about their breakfast or who’s dating whom. Social media is used for many other elements of life including products and services they’re looking at, they’re using or have used in the past.

Brand and product awareness

With more than 30% of all online use happening through social media, nowadays many people get to hear about a brand for the first time on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Indirect sales channel

Every day people are asking for recommendations about businesses like yours. Unless you have someone there, listening to these conversations and ready to interject, all these potentials new customers are going straight to the competition.

Social advertising

We’ve seen clients using traditional search advertising with conversion rates of 1.5% move part of their budget to social media advertising and see levels rise to as much as 10%. Advertising not just when a keyword is used but when a conversation is happening can be much more effective.

Reputation management

Whether your business is on social media or not, people are still able to talk about your business and the service levels they received. There’s no such thing as bad advertising on social media but only when you’re there to have your right to reply.

Customer service

In an age where communication is more important than ever, social media sites such as Twitter make the perfect platform to communicate with both potential and existing customers. Give updates on products, service levels and even delivery information.

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